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In our validation program, entrepreneurs support you towards market validation for your startup.

Individual coaching by UtrechtInc.

Office space

We offer you a place in the co-working space or an office next to the startups.


Pitch for the Rabo Pre-seed fund or a loan up to €18.000 during the Demo Day.

Demo Day

The program

Do you have a scalable idea? Then we want to work with you to bring your idea to the market. In our validation program entrepreneurs support you towards market validation for your startup. The goal is for you to understand your product, your customer, and business model even better. The masterclasses are structured around experiences from other entrepreneurs and is supported by experienced experts in startup entrepreneurship, pitching, customer discovery, and product development.

Participants spend 150 days in a program that consists of:

INTRODUCTION: Two intensive weeks during which startups jointly work on masterclasses and team building activities for 1 to 2 days per week.

CONTINUATION: During the rest of the program spend one afternoon per week on either a masterclass or a progress session.


These startups have sucessfully completed the student startup validation program.


Why should we participate in the validation program?

If you are ready to find out if there is a market question for your solution. If you don't want to walk around with your idea for 3 years, but want to go for it, today, then the validation program is a big step forward. In 10 years, we have organized multiple programs and with that built an extensive network of mentors and experts, with which market validation can be accomplished within several months. Next to that, we are based in Utrecht and the heart of the Netherlands.

What kind of startups are you looking for?

We are looking for startups with a scalable idea. This always includes technology and in 99% software as well. If you are not a developer yourself, but you can build an MVP with existing tools, you are also welcome and during the program we will support your search for a tech co-founder.

What does the program cost?

Participating in the validation program for students is free of charge. We do ask for a €249 commitment fee per team, which will be returned at the end after active participation. In addition, you get to use our co-working for free during the program. In case your startup goes sky high, we ask for a success fee over years 3, 4, and 5 after participation in the program. The exact fee will be around a few thousand euros and will vary depending on your revenue, so that you as a startup are not bothered by it.

Timeline 2020

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October 5:

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