Validation program 2021

Autumn edition

Student... what? Student start-up validation program is a free opportunity for students to validate their start-up idea. But it’s not only that! We help by offering space, workshops, coaching, welcoming network, and a gist of entrepreneurial life. This gives students chance not only to grow their start-up, but it also allows them to gain new knowledge and discover if starting their own business is a path for them.

Watch and listen to the experience of three start-ups founders who went through the autumn edition of our program. Uncover their struggles, journey, and main learnings. Without further ado, just check it out, and see for yourself if validation program is something for you!

Graduate startups

Check out the startups that started with us!



An online platform that connects sustainability enthusiasts and other potential customers to sustainable businesses in their area and promotes education on sustainability and the fight against climate change.


A platform that provides mental support for people on a tough journey towards better health.


A collaborative travel itinerary sharing platform, with a goal to engage people into unique travelling experiences, creating authentic itineraries in an easy, transparent and unbiased way.


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