About us

As a sub-division of the Utrecht University incubator Utrechtinc, the Utrechtinc Students board was founded to promote entrepreneurship amongst students. A collaboration with Utrechtinc, Utrecht University and The Centre for Entrepreneurship allows us to be part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which our student community becomes locked-in and is able to deliver added value from the expertise of almost every faculty.

To promote an entrepreneurial way of thinking amongst students, we aim to organize events that bring together students, coaches, companies and entrepreneurs so that students learn by doing and can connect theory to real life stories. We are always looking for new partners that fit our mission of Empowering Future Entrepreneurs, feel free to contact us if you see any opportunities.

We found that many students generated business idea's during their study but were unable to turn these idea's into real startups. Since this is a complicated process which can be hard for students to see through on their own, we have collaborated with UtrechtInc and constructed a student startup program. The program is designed to guide students to a successful development of their idea under the supervision of professionals without burdening the study program of the students.

UtrechtInc Students board 2020/2021

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