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As an ambassador of UtrechtInc Students, you will be the key person at your faculty who connects students to all entrepreneurship related initiatives in and around Utrecht University.

The goal is to create a stronger connection between academia, where the brightest minds are trained, and the world of entrepreneurs who advance our future.

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Community committees

Ambassadors of the UtrechtInc. Students committee can be part of one of the three committees. Each committee is a piece of the puzzle needed to encourage entrepreneurial impact, initiative and curiosity among students in Utrecht.

Hackathon Committee

The Hackathon committee created from scratch the first UIS-branded workshop about entrepreneurial thinking! The committee members are giving the workshop in several settings such as the open days and honours academy events aiming to spread entrepreneurial education and increase the diversity of the community!

Challenge committee

The Challenge committee organizes the biggest event of UtrechtInc. Students. The challenge takes place in April and with a time span of one week and 30 participants.

Promotion committee

The Promotion committee focuses on spreading our message, making sure everyone is up to date about our activities.

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We are all about creating an entrepreneurial community with events, workshops, drinks and much more.
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