Board Positions

President - you are the face of the organisation, you support your board members and make sure the association functions smoothly, and continues to develop itself. Furthermore, supported by the PR Manager, you are responsible for maintaining and seeking out partnerships.

Desirable skills: good communication, organisational skills, able to draft and maintain a vision and strategy, knowledge of entrepreneurship.

PR manager- you are the bridge between the board and outside partners which include the community, the education entities (UU, HU, etc.), and other potential partners. Community-wise, you make sure all activities of the organisation align with the wishes of the community. You also keep track of community growth, and keep in touch with the community to see if they are getting the most out of their experience with UIS. Adding to this and with the president, you are in charge of maintaining and developing partnerships with other associations in Utrecht.

Desirable skills: good communication, extroverted and outspoken, inquisitive

Events and partnerships manager - you take the organisation of events for UIS into your own hands. You will do so with the support of the Events’ committee, which you will also guide and be responsible for. You will co-organize events with existing partners and seek out new ones.

Desirable skills: organisational skills, communication, good networking abilities, creative vision

Program manager - you are responsible for the promotion and recruitment of student startups for the student startup program of UtrechtInc. You will work closely with UtrechtInc to make sure the program runs smoothly. Furthermore, you are the main point of contact for students interested in creating a new or joining an existing startup.

Desirable skills: knowledge about entrepreneurship, organisational skills, good communication

Marketing manager - you are responsible for drafting marketing and promotion strategies and material for UIS. You will have full ownership of the social media, website and any other kinds of marketing you might wish to implement - you can be as creative as you wish!

Desirable skills: webflow, Canva / Adobe programs, google analytics, good communication, creativity

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