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The UtrechtInc Students board consists of 5 different positions. It is the perfect opportunity for students who seek to enrich their entrepreneurial knowledge and experience in what it is like to be in the board of a dynamic student community.

The board members have a part time position and an office in UtrechtInc.

We are looking for students who are either in their bachelor or master and are devoted to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Utrecht.

Deadline applications: April 17, 2020

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what we do

We are UtrechtInc Students, the hub for entrepreneurial students in Utrecht


Let us inspire you to enter the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.


Connecting you with other entrepreneurial people is our goal.


Are you in? We help you on your journey to turn your idea into a startup.

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Whether you want to visit our events, know more about entrepreneurship or meet the founders of the most inspiring companies: all is possible within our community. We are happy to have you and would like to show you how much fun it is to incorporate entrepreneurship in your life.


Are you a student in Utrecht interested in entrepreneurship? Would you like to meet like-minded people? Expand your network? Learn more about entrepreneurship, a business incubator or the entrepreneurial opportunities in the region?



Do you have a scalable idea? Then we want to work with you to bring your idea to the market. In our validation program entrepreneurs support you towards market validation for your startup.


Take a look at the
current startups in the program

Participants spend 150 days in a program that consists of:

INTRODUCTION: Two intensive weeks during which startups jointly work on masterclasses and team building activities for 1 to 2 days per week.
CONTINUATION: During the rest of the program spend one afternoon per week on either a masterclass or a progress session.


Wij vinden dat je zelf lekker mag kiezen hoe jij je wilt gedragen, klinkt als een open deur en toch hebben veel mensen moeite met gedragsverandering.
Epiphany is de app die jou daarbij helpt door inzicht te bieden in je (on)bewuste gedrag en het eventuele veranderen ervan.

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SportJobbys is created to connect western sports professionals with schools and sports clubs in China.
We do this by building a platform where these two parties will find each other.

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Paper receipts: the conventional way of keeping track of your expenses. However, it's clumsy and it leads to a lot of paper waste. The vision of Chex is to develop a smart solution to digitalise the paper receipt and make life a little easier.

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DIMIK is a tool that gives advice to support primary school teachers in giving the right personal attention to each and every student without requiring any extra time.
The advice is based on personal talents and competencies, motivation, learning styles and many more.

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Yumii offers the service that allows parents to rent the layette they need at any given time on a subscription basis.
By refurbishing these products after a subscription period, Yumii can extend the product lifecycle and thus reduce the number of products that need to be manufactured and are wasted.

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We aim to enable every sportsman or -woman to work out together without the limitations of location and time. This way we create sport community, where everyone is able to workout and share their interests with other sports enthousiasts.

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